June 13, 2017

Mom Confessions

 Mom confessions are some of my favorite posts to read from other bloggers. It makes me feel like I'm not alone and that we all struggle with something related to parenting. It has been a rough week over here, so lets dive right in!

One. I have serious anxiety about Kona going to preschool in the fall. I know he is going to love it, and I have nothing to worry about, but I can't shake this uneasy feeling in my stomach. I think it's because I know after preschool comes kindergarten and he won't be with us all day. What I have known, for almost 4 years, is about to change and I'm struggling with that.  

Two. Every night I struggle with staying up late, to have some me time, and going to bed. I usually stay up too late and regret it the next morning, only to do it again the next night. You would think at some point I would learn and go to bed at a decent time, right?!

Three. Some days I load everybody up in the car, just to get coffee and go for a 15 minute drive. When the boys have been fighting over the same toy all day or Kai won't let me put him down, a coffee and drive saves the day.    

Four. If it has been one of those days, and Kona picks the longest book to read before bed, sometimes I skip sentences and pages.

Five. J.D. and I went on a date the other night! It was the second one we have been on since I was pregnant with Kai. I'm thinking we need to work on that.

Six. Kai can be extremely clingy and whiny, and some mornings I find myself losing patience with him right off the bat.

Seven. I struggle with finding balance. I either want to do all the fun things or lounge around all day doing nothing but cuddling my babies.

Eight. Kona hasn't napped on a daily basis for a really long time, but we still have him do quiet time in his room to unwind and relax. Lately he won't stay in his room and is constantly coming out to check on me, go to the bathroom, tell me a story, etc. etc. I love having a little bit of me time in the afternoons, but having him stay in his room is becoming more of a struggle than anything.

Nine. Some days I lock myself in the bathroom, with a snack I hid for myself, just for a few minutes of piece and quiet. Yeah right, who am I kidding?! The boys are trying to come in and are yelling at me through the door, but at least I get a whole snack to myself.

Some days are crazy and I clean up more messes than I ever thought was possible, but I love my little crew so much and wouldn't change this life for the world.
Alright, it's your turn! Please share your mom confessions!


  1. Oh my goodness, I am right there with you! Two and Three sound exactly like me! :) You gotta do what you gotta do!

    1. For sure!! Last summer we took more drives than I would like to admit! :)

  2. My husband and I are planning to start our family soon. In normal days itself, I struggle to find myself some 'me' time. You just explained my every night regime in point no.2 in your post. God only knows, how I am going to behave once a child comes into the picture.
    Best of luck with your loo breaks and future adventures :) Give my love to the cute munchkins .