July 25, 2017

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

I love doing crafts with my kids in the summer. There is so much more room for creativity and experimenting. Plus, it keeps them entertained, which is always a win in my book! I've been seeing sidewalk chalk paint on Pinterest for the longest time and decided to try it out. So, on Friday, before it got to hot, the boys and I headed out to paint the driveway. We had the best time and the boys absolutely LOVED IT! This little craft is so easy to do and will keep kids of all ages entertained. I think Kai actually loved it more than Kona, but only because he couldn't believe I was letting him paint whatever his heart desired!

 Here's what you will need:
Food Coloring
 Cupcake Pan Or Small Cups

Kona helped me make the paint, which he thought was the coolest thing ever. We put about a tablespoon of cornstarch in each cup, added a little over a tablespoon full of water, and mixed it up until all the cornstarch dissolved and it became the consistency of paint. We then added our food coloring and mixed it in. I read to add equal parts water and cornstarch, but I found that it needed a little more water. I started with a tablespoon, mixed it up, and then added more.
 After we got all the colors mixed up I gave the boys their paint brushes and let them go crazy. We painted ladybugs, lightening bugs, dragons breathing fire, rainbows, flowers, suckers, Kona practiced his letters and Kai tried painting his legs every time he thought I wasn't looking. :)
The colors were so vibrant and beautiful when they dried. It was such a fun morning watching our driveway turn into a masterpiece. I can't wait to do it again this fall and turn our driveway into a pumpkin patch!

Happy Tuesday!

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