August 1, 2017

11 Ways For Moms To Spark Creativity

I have always had a passion for creating things, painting, interior design and fashion. Creating, decorating and expressing myself through fashion has always driven me and made me feel fulfilled. Even though I'm not the best painter, or always like what I create, I'm drawn to it and feel a little void whenever I'm in a creative rut. I have noticed that now more than ever it is so important for me to fuel my creativity. At times I can feel lost in the day to day activities of life, and need something to make me feel like me again.

 Having a creative outlet is important for many reasons, but is especially important for moms. Not only does it relieve stress, it is also therapeutic, boosts your mood, gives you to time for yourself and gives you a sense of accomplishment. As a stay at home mom, some days it feels like all I do is clean up messes, change diapers, cook meals and do laundry. I know I'm doing much more than that, but these days, where I give 100% of myself to my family, can be hard. I have noticed that on the days I fuel my creativity I feel a sense of accomplishment. It feels amazing to have done something for myself and know that it's not going to get ruined or have to be done again tomorrow, like laundry or sweeping. Now I know you might be thinking, "When am I going to do a project, some days I don't even get a shower." I know exactly what you are talking about, but just like self care you have to make it a priority. Squeeze in some time while your kids play, eat, or create something of their own. Some days Kona and I sit down together in the afternoons, when Kai is sleeping, and paint. It is one of my favorite times of day, and I'm able to face the afternoon with a rejuvenated mind.

One. Read Books
Reading books or looking threw magazines always gets me excited to create something. I especially love going to Barnes & Noble to get some coffee, sit in their oversized chairs and look through some amazing eye candy books.

Two. Listen To Music
Turning on some music and having a little dance party with my favorite boys is not only fun, but helps me think better.  

Three. Doodle
Doodling is so fun and makes me feel like a kid again. I mean, who doesn't remember doodling all over their notebooks while the teacher was talking. :)

Four. Search Pinterest
Pinterest is hands down the best place to go when looking for inspiration. I can get on there with no ideas in mind, and by the time I'm done looking, I have so many different projects I want to do I don't even know where to start. :)

Five. Go For A Walk
Get outside, breath in the fresh air and enjoy natures beauty.

Six. Have A Cup Of Coffee
Energize your mind and get your creative juices flowing.

Seven.  Look To People Who Inspire You
Do you have a favorite blogger or Instagram account that always has drool worthy pictures? Looking through their old blog posts or Instagram feed may be just what you need to feel inspired.

Eight. Make Lists Or Vision Boards
 Making lists or a vision board helps me stay focused and is such a wonderful resource for when I'm in a creative rut.

Nine. Try Something New
Stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things, is a sure fire way to feed your creativity. Even something as simple as taking a new route to work or eating at a new restaurant can do wonders.  

Ten. Watch Your Favorite Movie Or Show
I don't get to watch a lot of adult movies because a.) most of them aren't appropriate for my kids and b.) by the time the kids go to bed I'm so tired I fall asleep mid movie. #momproblems The funny thing is though, my kids Disney movies always make me feel inspired. The animation, bright colors and amazing music makes me want to grab my paints and create something.

Eleven. Make Crafts With Your Kids
Crafting with my kids always makes me feel inspired. I love how they create whatever their heart desires and don't put limitations on themselves. I can get hard on myself at times trying to make the perfect project, but hanging with my kids helps me loosen up and create something more naturally.


I hope this helps anybody who is in a creative rut or wants to start a new hobby. What are your favorite ways to feel inspired and get creative? I would love to hear!!
If you are looking for some additions inspiration, check out my Pinterest page!


  1. These are great ideas. I love combining them--ex: having coffee at Barnes and Noble and looking through new books. LOL

  2. I'm an artist but I don't always get creative. Your post has reminded me to get a painting finished, and since my daughter also loves art, I'll have her paint beside me this week!

  3. Great ideas here! I know I'm a better mom when I get some "me" time too!

  4. These are great ideas. Books and Pinterest are definitely my top 2!

  5. Just found your list, and love these ideas!! I already enjoy reading books and taking walks, but want to make numbers 8 and 9 a priority! Pinning this to refer back to in the future when I need a creative boost.