May 1, 2017

30 Mom And Son Date Ideas To Strengthen Your Relationship

The bond between mother and son is so special. When we found out we were having a boy, I was completely overwhelmed with excitement and joy. I couldn't wait to dig in the dirt, go fishing, be a baseball mom and do all the other fun things that comes with having a boy. I wanted to have that special relationship I saw so many other mom's have with their son. I asked many mom's, who have a close relationship with their son, what their secret was and they all said "Spending quality one on one time together." As a stay at home mom I spend every day with my boys, but a lot of the day is spent cooking, doing dishes, laundry and everything else that comes with maintaining a household. Quality one-on-one time doesn't happen every day, so once a month I schedule a date day.

Time is the most valuable thing we can give our kids and something we can't get back. Spending that one-on-one time with them open's the lines of communication and builds that special unbreakable bond. It doesn't really matter what you do as long as that time is spent together. Kona's face lights up when I tell him we are having a mommy Kona date. Not many things are sweeter than holding my son's hand, laughing and making unforgettable memories.

One: Visit a museum
Two: Go to a sporting event.
Three: Volunteer together.
Four: Visit a zoo or aquarium.
Five: Play put-put golf.
Six: Pick up ice cream and take it to the park.
Seven: Build something together.
Eight: Go to a coffee shop and read some books.
Nine: Visit a pet store.
Ten: Go to story time at the library or local book store.
Eleven: Go for a walk.
Twelve: Play in the dirt.
Thirteen: Go bowling.
Fourteen: Dig for worms and go fishing.
Fifteen: Play arcade games.
Sixteen: Go swimming.
Seventeen: Go stargazing.
Eighteen: See a play.
Nineteen:  Go roller blading.
Twenty: Go for a bike ride.
Twenty One: Make ice cream.
Twenty Two: Have a picnic.
Twenty Three: Go to a trampoline park.
Twenty Four: Paint pottery.
Twenty Five: Play Frisbee golf.
Twenty Six: Check your local events.
Twenty Seven: Go Ice skating.
Twenty Eight: Take a day trip.
Twenty Nine: Go for a hike.
Thirty: Visit the animals at the pound and take treats.

I would love to hear your mom son date ideas!



  1. I love this! My son is 17 and I honestly still think almost all of these would be amazing. The main suggestion I have is finding out what your kids like and investing your time with them doing what they love. They are more likely to open up and be themselves when they see that you care about them and their desires. Visiting from #mommymoments today.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting! I love hearing that these ideas would work for teenagers too. Thank you for the tip! I will remember that as my boys get older.

  2. I love this. Being a boy mom is a special title that I am proud to hold. I am a SAHM of 4 boys. I vlog about it on my youtube channel “Surviving As Mom”. Thank you for sharing.