May 31, 2017

Our Memorial Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful three day weekend! In honor of Memorial Day I wanted to share one of my favorite quotes. I am forever thankful for those who have served and continue to serve for our country. You were not only in my thoughts and prayers this weekend, but every day of the year. 

"On this day, we must tell the stories of those who fought and died in freedom's cause. We must tell their stories because those who've lost loved ones need to know that a grateful Nation will always remember. We must tell their stories so that our children and grandchildren will understand what our lives might have been like had it not been for their sacrifice."
George H.W. Bush

On Saturday we had friends over for an afternoon barbeque, where Kona blasted everyone with silly string, and spent the evening celebrating my Grandma's 89th birthday!
Sunday started with a trip to my favorite spot for breakfast. I'm a total sucker for their waffles and would eat there every weekend if I could. After breakfast, J.D. headed to work and the boys and I went shopping for flowers. We spent the rest of the day planting flowers, playing outside, going for a walk and celebrating my other Grandma's 79th birthday! I'm incredibly blessed to have these two amazing women in my life. We love them so much!
 On Memorial Day I made these donut and fruit kabobs for breakfast. I made them for the first time a few years ago and have made them every year since. They are so fun and the boys love them!
After breakfast we worked on some house projects, blew bubbles, swung on the hammock and ate our first watermelon of the year. When I was pregnant with Kai, I was obsessed with watermelon and ate it all the time. Now he can't get enough and will stand at the fridge, demanding some, if he knows it's in there. Like Mother like Son :)

 When Kai woke up from his nap we were super excited to go to the splash pad, that opens every Memorial Day. We got ready and drove up there, only to find that it was closed. We were super bummed, but still made the most of our afternoon with a bbq, wine spritzers, water gun fight and huckleberry ice cream cones.
I have been making this spritzer for a few years now and we love it! It's light, bubbly and our go-to summer drink.
If you want to try it you'll need:
White wine
Sparkling water (This weekend we used watermelon sparkling water and it was really good!)
7-up, Sprite, or Fresca
Fresh fruit and Ice
I apologize that I don't have exact measurements, I just start pouring until it tastes right. :) I would say it's half a glass of wine and equal parts sparkling water and sprite.
I would love to hear your favorite summer drink!  

This was Kai's first ice cream cone and I think it's safe to say he loved it!

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  1. What great pictures! Love this. And I need to copy that donut and fruit kabob idea. My Kai would love that too!

    1. Thank you! If you make the donut and fruit kabobs I would love to hear how your kids liked them! My Kai only wanted the fruit and didn't touch the donuts. Ha!

  2. What great pictures! You are so lucky to have two grandmas to celebrate! The kabobs look so good I may have to steal the idea for the 4th of July!

  3. Thank you! The kabobs are so fun and delicious!