February 13, 2017

Hide and Seek-Valentine's Day Edition

Over the weekend we decided to get a little festive with some red and pink paper hearts. Both boys love to play hide and seek and it will keep them entertained for quit some time, so I knew they would love to find hearts all over the house. I drew 12 hearts on each piece of paper, cut them out, and started hiding. They had a blast running around finding them, but Kona loved hiding them and having me find them the most. He was so proud of himself and would tell me where half of them were, before I even started looking :) I loved how we could all do it together and I wasn't worried about Kai breaking something or putting a small object in his mouth. It was also easy clean up, which was a bonus! 

And right in the middle of finding paper hearts, these two melted my heart. XOXO

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