March 23, 2017

DIY Wooden Easter Eggs

Last week I stumbled upon this DIY faux concrete eggs and fell in love. I knew I wanted to make something like it, but didn't want to spend extra on concrete paint. I decided to use acrylic paint and love how they turned out!
Materials needed:
Wood Eggs- Target for $3
Paint-Hobby Lobby for $1.50
Moss-Hobby Lobby for $5.99
Wooden Box or Bowl-I found mine at a Antique store in town

It didn't take much time to paint the eggs which was perfect. I was able to paint them while the boys napped and then touched them up that evening. My original plan was to put glitter on the bottom half, but I loved how they turned out and decided to leave them. They are also nestled in the moss so I'm not sure how much would show. I layered some plastic bags in the bottom of the box to give it a little height, put the moss on top, placed the eggs where I wanted them and then added the grass and wood details.
 They are so fun for spring, but also work for Easter which I love. I can keep them out for the next couple of month and won't have to worry about putting them away after Easter.
This easy spring craft is a total win in my book!

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