March 28, 2017

My 10 Favorite Pictures

One of my favorite things to do is look through pictures and reminisce about all the amazing times we have had. I remember being a little girl and sitting on my parent's living room floor looking through stacks of pictures. It brought me so much happiness and joy. I love that pictures not only capture the big moments in life, but the everyday moments that might otherwise be forgotten. I never want to forget all the special moments we have created and I want my boys to look back and see their whole lives documented. One day when J.D. and I are no longer here, I hope these pictures fill their hearts and show them how truly loved they were.

I have so many favorite pictures, but these are 10 that bring a big smile to my face and make my heart skip a beat.
Our first dance as husband and wife.
J.D. holding Kona the day he was brought into the world.
Pumpkin patch maternity pictures.
One day old Kai.
Kai's newborn pictures, I cried the first time I saw this picture.
Kona has always adored Kai.
A summer evening at the lake.
They were both in love with these cows.
Little toes in the grass.
Going on a hay ride with two of my favorite boys.
These are the days I have always dreamed of and I'm so lucky to share our everyday events with you.

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  1. These are all so sweet! I love the first picture of the two of them together.

    1. Thank you! That one still makes me tear up sometimes. Such a sweet and loving moment!

  2. Aw, I love all these photos. Too cute!