March 21, 2017

Our St. Patrick's Day

I hope everybody had a wonderful St. Patrick's day! Here's a little recap of how we celebrated.
It has become a tradition over here to have green pancakes and milk for breakfast. Kona thinks having green milk is the best and now thinks this should be an every day thing. :) I topped Kona's pancakes with some Lucky Charms, which he's never had before, and he was beside himself with excitement. I got several hugs and thank you mom's for that one!
After breakfast we got ready and headed to our local book store for a Leprechaun themed story time. The story was super cute and Kai even sat through it. He loves to read, but he has to be in the mood so I didn't know what he would do. Usually he wants to run around the kids section and look at everything so I consider this a huge win!  
Later that afternoon, after naps, the weather was beautiful so we headed outside for snack time.
The boys wouldn't eat the kiwi which was fine with me because I love it! It was so nice to have a snack I actually got to eat, usually the boys steal whatever I'm eating. #momlife             
True fact: On Thursday I locked myself in the bathroom, at 3:00pm, to eat a bowl of cereal. I hadn't eaten all day and mama needed food! Even as I ate my cereal Kai was on the other side of the door wanting some. :)
After snack time we played outside until dinner, I made this pasta dish and it was so good! Pasta and green beer made this girl so happy! It was a wonderful way to end a fun filled day!


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