March 14, 2017

Rainbow Crafts

Happy St. Patty's day week! St. Patty's day is such a fun holiday, I don't have to worry about gifts, we get to make fun crafts, eat Lucky Charms and drink green beer :) Holidays make my heart so happy, seriously I live for this stuff!  This past weekend we woke up to snow and cold temperatures, which is not always fun, but it was so nice having nowhere to be, cuddling with the boys, and doing some crafts. It was one of those weekends you wish didn't have to end.
 The first craft we did was a pom pom rainbow. I drew out the rainbow and was going to have Kona glue the pom poms on, but he wanted to color it first and then glue. I love the way it turned out and  that he made it exactly how he wanted!
 Even Kai got in on the fun :)  
 We made one more using popsicle sticks and cotton balls to make a rainbow and clouds. Kona loves to paint so this was right up his alley! He painted the sticks five different colors, put them in the order he wanted and then I glued them together. I used hot glue for the cotton balls and had him tell me where he wanted them. Super cute and super easy!
 I hope you all have a great rest of your week, celebrating and eating too many rainbow marshmallows ;)   

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