March 13, 2017

Keeping Her Memory Alive

My heart breaks every time I think about my kids not knowing my Mom. Kona was a year and a half when she passed away, much too young to have any memories of her, and I got pregnant with Kai a month after she passed. My Mom adored Kona, I'm so thankful I have pictures and stories to tell him of the time they spent together. Keeping her memory alive is so important to me. I never want my kids to wonder who she was, what her laugh sounded like or what her heart was made of. When they think about their Grandma I want them to see her in their minds and know how wonderful she was.
Here are some of the ways we keep her close to us and in our hearts.
Banana Bread: My Mom wasn't much of a baker, but she made the best banana bread. She gave me her recipe several years before she passed and I love making it with the boys. After it comes out of the oven we sit at the table, eating the warm bread and talk about her.

Her Grave: My Dad and I chose my Mom's grave not only for the peace it brought, but for the boys. Her grave is next to a pond that the boys can throw rocks into or look at the ducks if they are out that day. We wanted a spot that made them feel comfortable and at peace. We often take out some lunch or ice cream and have a little picnic. When we are there having a treat and throwing rocks in the pond it's like she's right there with us. These moments at her grave are so special to me and as hard as it may be, having this special spot to share with the boys makes it much easier.

Pictures and Home Videos: I love looking at pictures and watching home videos with the boys. They get to see exactly who she was. Her beautiful brown eyes, how her smile stretched from ear to ear, her voice, and the way she laughed. Nothing keeps her memory alive more than these precious pictures and videos do.

Cards she wrote to Kona: I have kept all the cards she wrote to Kona and I'm so happy he has these special notes from her. I love getting them out and reading to him what she wrote, to remind him how much she loved him. He was her only grandchild and she couldn't get enough of him. The amount of love she had for him radiated off of her. She always wanted to be with him, cuddling him, and kissing on him. I never want him to forget that she thought he hung the moon.

Go for a drive: As a child we use to go for drives on the weekend. We would usually go to the same places and have lunch. I love taking the boys for a drive and eating at the same place I did as a child. I feel so close to her in these little diners and love sharing all the memories I have of her in these places.

We Celebrate Her: Her birthday is this month and while it's one of the hardest days of the year for me we always celebrate her. The boys and I go to a bakery here in town to pick out some cupcakes and meet my Grandma and Dad at the grave. We tie balloons to her stone, sing Happy Birthday, blow out candles and eat cupcakes in her honor. We then go to dinner and have the best time eating, drinking and talking about how amazing she was.
I Pray: I pray that I'm doing all of this right. I pray that I'm giving my boys all the love she would have given them. I pray that they never forget the amazing women who raised me. I pray they see the sparkle in my eyes when I talk about her and feel how much love she gave me. I pray they grow up knowing how much she wanted to be here for them and how she's looking over them every day.

 Until we meet again Mom, I'm never not thinking about you. XOXO


  1. Such sweet ways to remember your mom. I love that you do things so your boys know about her. And on a side note, the picture of the back of their heads, I did a double take because it looked JUST like my boys. I have a brunette and blondie the same ages and for a second thought I was looking at one of my own pictures! ;-)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. It means so much to me!

  2. I spent time keeping the memory of my granddaddy alive for my 4 daughters because he was so important to me. They knew my grandmother for a good while but we still keep her memory alive as well. When we love people so much we want our kiddos to love them too. My girls can tell you any and everything about my grandparents. They're even naming their kids after them now. All that to say, yes. You're doing it right. When you loved one loved you as much as your mother obviously loved you, you can't help but do it right. Beautiful post!