March 24, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! We are so excited for the weekend and to spend time with family. I'm ready to kick back, hang out with my boys and enjoy the beautiful weather.  Here is a recap of our week and some of my favorite moments!

On Friday we celebrated St. Patrick's day with lots of green food, drinks and fun. You can read all about our day here.

On Saturday Kona and I went to a birthday party for one of his best friends. All the kids were asked to dress up and this sweet boy wanted to be a dinosaur. No surprise there! :) He played pin the tail on the donkey for the first time and it was so cute to watch. They also had a piñata, which made his whole day!

Sunday evening my family met for dinner and my Grandma was wearing two different shoes! The best part was that we didn't notice until we were leaving. HA! I wonder how many people at the restaurant noticed and didn't say anything. My Grandma is such a good sport and was crying she was laughing so hard. She is the best and I love her so much!

Monday we welcomed the first day of spring with craft time at the library and ice cream! I also shared our spring bucket list. I love doing these for each season. It makes me so excited for all the fun that is to come over the next couple of months!

I made these wooden Easter eggs this week and love the way they turned out! They are the perfect addition to our spring décor and look so pretty on the dinning room table.

J.D. has been working long hours and we miss him so much, so yesterday I loaded up the boys and made the 2 hour drive to see him. We grabbed some lunch and headed to the river to throw rocks and go for a walk. It was a beautiful day and just what we all needed.
It rained all morning yesterday, but by the afternoon the weather was perfect. We headed over to the park where the boys ran and ran and didn't want to leave. This smile melts my heart!


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  1. Oh those mismatched shoes are too funny! And looks like a wonderful afternoon at the park!

    1. The mismatched shoes were the best! Park day are always my favorite!

  2. Looks like you've had some lovely days enjoying Spring. And I love the painted eggs in your centerpiece! So pretty. Have a happy Friday! :)

  3. I LOVE bringing my oldest niece and nephew to the library. They are really into the crafts and other events. :)